Camp Chef Pizza Oven 60 vs 90: Which One Is Better?

If you are a fan of artisan pizza, you’ve definitely heard of the Camp Chef Pizza Ovens. Camp Chef makes two at-home brick oven pizza ovens, the PZ60 and the PZ90. Both have been glorified in cooking magazines for their delicious crust and pizza. Still, what is the difference between the Camp Chef Pizza Oven 60 vs 90 and which one is better?

The Camp Chef Artisan Outdoor Oven Pizza PZ60 and PZ90 are both fantastic and identical except for one notable difference: the PZ90 is deeper than the PZ60, which makes it better suited for larger pies and less frequent rotation. At the same time, the PZ60 has more square inches, making it better suited for cooking two small pies at once.

Keep reading for a close look at the Camp Chef Pizza Oven 60 vs 90.

Camp Chef Artisan Outdoor Oven PZ60

The Camp Chef Artisan Outdoor Oven PZ60 is the standard Camp Chef outdoor oven. It is inspired by the brick ovens of Italy so that you can cook perfect pizza. This pizza oven is designed with a domed oven top, rear vents, and double ceiling layers. It is designed to perfectly mimic true wood fire pizza ovens.

This pizza system is made with ceramic pizza stones. These stones create even heat so that your pizza is cooked evenly and deliciously. You can use this oven to cook more than just pizza. It is also great for cooking up bread, fish, sandwiches, and even cookies.

The PZ60 comes with many features to ensure the perfect finish. Most importantly, it comes with built in temperature gauges and an oven temperature of 700 degrees. Together, these two features ensure that your pizza oven is the right temperature for your pizzas.

To ensure that the temperature is trapped within the pizza oven, this contraption is made with a double layer ceiling. This ceiling ensures that the oven cooks like a true brick oven and enhances the heating dynamics. This double layer is what allows the oven to stand out overall.

One thing that’s unique about the Camp Chef Artisan Outdoor Oven PZ60 is that it comes with two size options, the one burner or the two burner. Between these two options, I recommend the two burner model because the one burner is simply too small for most pizzas. Still, it’s nice that the PZ60 gives you a choice between one or two burners.

Camp Chef Artisan Outdoor Oven PZ90

The Camp Chef Artisan Outdoor Oven PZ90 is very similar to the PZ60, but it isn’t identical. Like the PZ60, the PZ90 is inspired by wood fire pizzas. It uses ceramic stones to create an even finish that is perfect for making delicious crust.

This Camp Chef Artisan Outdoor Oven is also perfect for a wide range of products. Its large dimensions make it the perfect addition to any patio or camp so you can make practically any dish, including pizza, pie, bread, and cookies.

Also like the PZ60, the PZ90 comes with a built in temperature gauge and an oven temperature capacity of 700 degrees. Once again, these features allow your pizza to be cooked to perfection. This oven also comes with a double layer ceiling to support heating dynamics.

With the PZ90, you do not have the choice between one or two burners. Instead, the pizza oven automatically comes with two burners, and you don’t have the choice of one burner model. Although having the choice is nice, I would recommend the two burner anyways.

Camp Chef Pizza Oven 60 vs 90

Camp Chef Pizza Oven 60 vs 90: What’s the Difference?

If you just take a quick look at these two Camp Chef pizza ovens, you’ll be hard pressed to find the difference between the two. Even so, there are a few differences to be aware of so you can select the best pizza oven for your needs.


The biggest difference between the 60 and the 90 is that the 60 is wider than it is deep. The PZ60 has a cooking surface that is 12.5 inches by 26 inches, resulting in 325 square inches. With these dimensions, you can place two small or medium sized pizzas beside themselves, but the oven is not deep enough for a large pizza.

The PZ90, in contrast, is much deeper. It has the cooking space of 15 inches by 20 inches, resulting in 300 square inches in total. Even though the PZ90 is slightly smaller in terms of square inches, its depth makes it better suited for larger pies.


Another difference between these two pizza ovens is price. Although these two ovens are similar in price, the PZ60 is slightly more expensive, largely because of its larger square inch sizing. Still, the difference in price isn’t that noticeable.

Burney Options

The last difference between the PZ60 and the PZ90 is the option between one or two burners. The PZ90 only comes with a two burner option, whereas the PZ60 comes with a one or two burner option.

I generally prefer the two burner option for both models, but you may be looking for a small oven and need the one burner option as a result. In that case, the only option available is the PZ60.

Camp Chef Pizza Oven 60 vs 90: Which One Is Right for Me?

So, there are some small differences between the Camp Chef Pizza Oven 60 vs 90. At this point, it’s important to ask which one is right for you.

At the end of the day, both the PZ60 and the PZ90 are fantastic pizza ovens to purchase. They are both reliable, create even finishes, and durable. In other words, you can’t truly go wrong with either option.

Still, the differences between these two models means that one may be better suited for your needs than the other.


If you expect to make large pizzas, it’s best to go with the PZ90. Even though it is slightly smaller in terms of square inches, its deeper design makes it better suited for large pizzas.

You may also want the PZ90 if you are on the tight budget. It is slightly more affordable than the PZ60, making it more budget friendly. However, the PZ90 isn’t that much more affordable than the PZ60, but every dollar may matter in your budget.


In contrast, the PZ60 may be better suited for you if you intend to make multiple small or medium pizzas at a time. Even though it isn’t as deep as the PZ90, it has more square inches, allowing you to make more than one pie at a time, though it is not as suited for a large single pie.

The PZ60 may also be the choice for you if you specifically need one burner. Because the PZ90 does not even come with a one burner option, the only option left for you is the PZ60 if you need a one burner oven.

My Favorite

Even though there are reasons to get both the PZ60 and the PZ90, one of these models is superior than the other in my opinion. If I had to pick one, I would choose the PZ90 simply because it has a deeper design. This deeper design makes the oven more suited for bigger pizzas.

Another reason why I prefer the PZ90 is that its larger size means you don’t have to rotate the pizza as much. Instead, it’s large size ensures that the ends of your pizza are all cooked equally and evenly. This fact makes cooking a pizza within the PZ90 a little bit easier than the PZ60. Not to mention, it’s slightly more affordable, which is always a plus.

That is not to say that I don’t like the PZ60 or that it is difficult to cook pizzas in. The PZ60 is also phenomenal, and it may be better suited for your needs. I find the PZ90 the best option between the two, though.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a pizza oven that replicates brick oven pizza, you should certainly consider the Camp Chef Pizza Oven 60 vs 90. Both of these ovens deliver delicious pizza that is cooked evenly from the comfort of your home.

My favorite is the PZ90, but there are reasons to get the PZ60 instead. It’s important to select the PZ60 versus the PZ90 based on your unique needs and pizza styles. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either option.

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