Can you eat pizza after tonsillectomy surgery?

Are you a pizza lover who just got a tonsillectomy? You might be curious then, can you eat pizza after tonsillectomy surgery? 

You should avoid eating pizza after tonsillectomy surgery, or you may irritate the unhealed part of your throat. Listen to your surgeon’s healing instructions or wait at least one week before eating hard food like pizza after your tonsillectomy surgery. Instead of eating pizza, try cooked pasta. 

Continue reading this article to explore whether you can eat pizza after a tonsillectomy. Read and learn if you can eat pizza after tonsillectomy surgery.  

Can you eat pizza after tonsillectomy surgery?

Can you eat pizza after tonsillectomy surgery? 

You can’t eat pizza after tonsillectomy surgery. Pizza can irritate your throat because of the hard crusts. Eating hard food, like pizza, before your throat heals can prolong the recovery period after surgery. Listen to your doctor and wait until your throat is healed before eating pizza after your tonsillectomy.

If you eat pizza after tonsillectomy surgery, you will likely hurt yourself. Choose to eat soft food instead, like soup or pasta without sauce. Eat pasta without sauce because pasta sauce can be painful to your throat. In contrast, eating cheese with your pasta can be comforting. Make sure, no matter how you prepare your pasta, that you fully cook it and it is cooled down before eating.

Why can’t you eat pizza after a tonsillectomy?

It is unsafe and dangerous to eat pizza after a tonsillectomy. Eating hard food like pizza after tonsillectomy surgery can severely damage your throat. Eating hard food isn’t a good idea because it can prolong the healing experience, which can cause pain and intensity.

Your throat goes through a moderate period of swelling after a tonsillectomy. Waiting and eating soft foods or liquids after your tonsillectomy surgery is safer than eating hard food like pizza. Give yourself time to heal so the swelling will decrease. 


If you have a swollen throat after tonsillectomy surgery, it can be unsafe to swallow pizza since the large bites of pizza can easily get lodged in your swollen throat. Eating pizza after tonsillectomy surgery is not very safe because the large bites can get stuck in your swollen throat. 

The moderate swelling lasts roughly 5-7 days after surgery but can vary for each person. Then you can eat whole foods and swallow them without worrying.

Savory ingredients

The differing ingredients in pizza can impact your throat’s healing process significantly. Pizza sauce is savory, with lots of spices. After tonsillectomy surgery, tomato sauce can hurt your throat, making it feel raw and preventing it from healing normally.

Damaging texture

Eating pizza too soon after a tonsillectomy can damage your throat. The hard crust will prevent your throat from fully healing. When your throat does not have the opportunity to heal, it may create further issues in your throat. When additional problems begin to develop after your tonsillectomy because of a lack of healing, the new issues will also require treatment. 

Prolongs healing

Eating hard food can prolong the healing process. Your throat may continuously bleed when you only eat hard food like pizza. Continuous bleeding does not give your throat the chance to heal and may cause new problems. If you do not give yourself time to heal, your throat will continue to have worsening issues.


You will be in pain after your tonsillectomy surgery. Therefore, it is better to eat soft food when healing from a tonsillectomy surgery rather than hard food like pizza so you can ease the pain in your throat. If you eat hard foods like pizza after your surgery, you will be in continuous pain after your surgery.

How long until you can eat pizza after tonsillectomy surgery?

Wait at least ten days before eating pizza after your tonsillectomy surgery, or you may hurt your throat. The sauce and hard crust of your pizza can cause your throat to become raw. The main reasons are because of the ingredients and the hardness of the crust.

Can you eat pizza after tonsillectomy surgery if you heal quickly?

You must wait between 10 and 14 days to eat whole, hard foods. But what if your body is different? Can you eat pizza after tonsillectomy surgery if your body heals quickly? Everyone’s body is different, healing at different rates and requiring different amounts of time to recover. Therefore, it can be critical to consult your surgeon if you want an exact timeframe for eating whole foods like pizza. Some surgeons may recommend waiting longer before eating whole foods after tonsillectomy surgery. 

What is the best food to eat after a tonsillectomy? 

The best thing to eat after a tonsillectomy is something cooked and soft. Cold foods can also be helpful after a tonsillectomy. Food like yogurt, ice cream, pudding, and smoothies are wonderful options. Cooked cereal, pasta, and soups are also great on the throat. Remember to give yourself time before consuming any dairy, citrus, or heavily seasoned food or drinks.

Soft food

Anything that will go down your throat easily without the need for much chewing is excellent for a throat after a tonsillectomy. Soft food goes down a swollen throat easily without damaging the sides of your throat.

Cold food

Cold food can soothe your throat after a tonsillectomy. Savory, hot foods can be painful to your throat because of spices and heat. Cold food can help heal a swollen throat. It will alleviate pain, which typically lasts one week after surgery. Good cold foods include yogurt, ice cream, pudding, smoothies, and cottage cheese. You should wait to consume milk or dairy products until at least 24 hours after your surgery to give yourself enough time to recover.


Do not eat pizza after a tonsillectomy. A tonsillectomy will make your throat vulnerable to hard foods for the next two weeks, so you should avoid eating hard food like pizza until your throat heals. If you are concerned about the exact day you can eat pizza, ask for your surgeon’s approval.

If you do not wait long enough after tonsillectomy surgery to eat hard food like pizza, you may cause bleeding and other issues. These issues may cause further problems, so you must let your throat heal before eating pizza again. Eat soft foods like cooked pasta, oatmeal, and yogurt for the time being until your throat is healed.

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