How to Cook Pizza on Blackstone

A few years ago, Blackstone’s revolutionary griddle went viral on Tik-Tok. This is essentially a flat grill of stainless steel, which allows you to make food for a large number of people.You can cook anything on it, even pizza. So, How to cook pizza on Blackstone?

We’ll discuss how to cook pizza on Blackstone’s signature griddle. While it isn’t complicated, there are some specific steps to follow. This includes seasoning the griddle, preparing the pizza, heating up the cooking surface, the cooking time it takes with a cover and then allowing it to cool before serving.

As you’ll soon see, cooking a pizza on one of these things is amazing. It’s fairly fast and simple with many desirable aspects to it.

About Blackstone’s Griddle

The Blackstone Griddle makes outdoor cooking for large groups of people easier. They started by offering a 36-inch flat-top cooking surface. But they also have 17, 22 and 28 inch ones as well. These fuel up with propane, so you can use it outdoors or indoors.

A Blackstone griddle contains up to four burners beneath rolled carbon steel, depending on the size. It can reach up to 60,000 BTU (British Thermal Units). This means you can cook anything from eggs and pancakes to steaks, chicken and, yes, pizza.

how to cook pizza on blackstone

Method for Cooking Pizza on Blackstone

While cooking pizza on a Blackstone griddle is a delicious experience, there are very deliberate steps you must take for it to be successful. You should have a pizza dome or some sort of cover to assist with the baking process.

1. Season the Griddle

Before getting into the basics of how to cook pizza on Blackstone’s griddle, you must first season it. This is because it’s very much like a cast iron skillet. You simply turn on the burners and then coat the cooking surface with a thin layer of oil.

This can be vegetable, canola or flaxseed oil but the company also sells their own “conditioning oil.” It’s important to note that Blackstone doesn’t guarantee results with oils outside their own product due to varying burn times, durability and smoke points.

Once the oil burns off and the smoke dissipates, turn the heat off and apply a second layer of oil. Turn the burners back on and allow it to burn off. You will have to repeat this several times so that the pizza dough doesn’t stick to the surface.

2. Pizza Preparation

It’s advisable to make fresh pizza. Not only will this allow you to cook the pizza quicker but it will also be healthier. However, if you want to use a premade or frozen pizza, simply allow it to thaw slightly before cooking it on the Blackstone griddle.

When preparing it fresh, make sure your toppings are thin so they cook a little faster. Thick cuts of meat and veggies will equate to a much longer cooking time. Because of the elongated nature of a Blackstone griddle, you can make your pizza a typical round type or you can do it as a square.

3. Heating the Griddle

Because this griddle utilizes propane, it heats up rather fast. Allow it to reach 375°F. While this isn’t the optimal temperature for a crunchy, crispy pizza crust, the griddle does have a feature to bake the pizza perfectly.

You could even opt to prepare the entire pizza right on the griddle without heating it up. Once you’ve completed assembly, you can turn the grill on. However, if you prepare the pizza on a separate surface, heat the griddle while you stretch the dough and assemble the pie.

Also, if you end up with thick meat, cook them first on the griddle until they turn color. Then put the pizza on and place those on top of the pizza as it begins cooking. This will ensure everything cooks through and evenly.

4. Cooking Pizza on Blackstone

When you go to put the pizza on a Blackstone griddle, you can’t just place it on. As with an oven, lightly flour or sprinkle corn meal on a pizza peel. Then gently slide the pizza onto the center surface of the griddle. Placing it in the middle will guarantee all sides of the crust are crispy and that the toppings cook evenly.

With your cover or pizza dome, put it over the pie. If you don’t have that, you can use a pan. However, it should be able to cover the entire width and height of the pizza. Avoid using aluminum foil, it will just steam the pizza. This will result in a soggy crust with pale toppings.

Some Tips

Also, avoid frequent lifting your lid or cover. You want to keep this over the pizza for as long as you possibly can. However, after the first two minutes of cooking, you do want to peek at the pizza to see how quickly it’s cooking the dough and toppings.

If it’s hardly cooked, wait eight minutes. But, if it’s cooking fast after two minutes, only let it sit under the cover for an additional five minutes. Then, check it again. If there are any areas more cooked than others are, turn the pie around so it can finish cooking through. Replace the lid and let it cook for another five minutes or so.

5. Final Steps

The final steps in how to cook pizza on blackstone’s griddle is once the pizza finishes cooking. Simply remove it from the griddle with a grill spatula or pizza peel. Let it rest on a table or counter for about five minutes. This will allow any excess steam to evaporate. Then, cut it up with a pizza wheel and serve.


Knowing how to cook pizza on Blackstone isn’t a difficult task. But, you have to make sure you season it first so that the pizza dough doesn’t stick to it. Also, you must have a cover so that it bakes thoroughly. Without it, the cheese and toppings won’t cook properly. The crust won’t golden or become crunchy.

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