How To Remove Deep Dish Pizza From Pan

Deep dish pizzas are a favorite for those who enjoy an indulgent piece of pizza. If baking some deep dish pizza at home, you might struggle with how to remove deep dish pizza from pan safely without damaging the integrity of the pizza. 

To remove deep dish pizza from the pan, you’re going to need a flat wooden spatula or spoon to carefully loosen the pizza from the pan. Removing deep dish pizza from a pan requires patience. With deep dish pizza requiring a special type of dough, removing a deep dish pizza from the pan needs to be done carefully to avoid breaking the pizza. 

It’s also important to prepare a deep dish pizza pan before you start assembling your pizza to avoid having your pizza stick to the pan. 


How To Prep A Deep Dish Pan

To make your deep dish pizza much easier to remove from the pan, it’s recommended that you put your pan through a seasoning process before baking your pizza. To do this, you will want to coat your pan with some olive oil and Italian spices, or spices of your choice. 

You’ll then want to put your pan in the oven for about an hour to allow the oil to create a coating in the pan. A recommended temperature range for this process is between 300 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit. For best results, repeat the entire seasoning process once more after the pan has cooled down thoroughly. 

Making sure that a deep dish pan is prepared properly to cook this style of pizza is essential to making it easier to remove once it’s cooked. The pizza dough needs to be pressed into the bottom and the sides of the pan to create the perfect shape for pizza toppings. 

If you don’t want to go through the process of seasoning a deep dish pizza pan, you can still get a delicious pizza that can be removed from the pan without too much hassle. You should add some type of oil to the pan before baking or else your pizza is likely going to stick to the pan. 

How Does Seasoning A Pan Make It Easier To Remove Deep Dish Pizza From The Pan?

Seasoning not only improves the cooking experience, but it can also make it much easier to remove pizza from a pan. This doesn’t just include deep dish pizzas, but any kind of pizza you make at home. Seasoning a pan creates a nonstick coating that will allow pizza to slip out of the pan in a much more seamless manner over time. 

Seasoning a pan will result in a darkening pan over time, which is completely normal and actually encouraged. Through this darkening, pans are able to retain and distribute heat more evenly throughout the entire pizza, which will result in a more even cook with a crispier crust. 

How To Remove Deep Dish Pizza From Pan

How Deep Is A Deep Dish Pan?

Deep dish pans are usually one and a half to two inches deep. These pans are often circular, but you can also find rectangular models. There are various sizes in diameter or width that you can find depending on how big of a pizza you want to bake.

Some people will also use rectangular casserole dishes to bake a deep dish pizza of sorts. Essentially, you can use any type of pan or dish that has some depth and has sides that you can mold your pizza dough onto. Until you get the hang of a deep dish pizza recipe, it’s worth investing in a pan designed specifically for deep dish pizzas. 

What’s The Best Kind Of Pan For A Deep Dish Pizza?

With the rising popularity of deep dish pizzas, it’s very easy to find pans created specifically for deep dish pizzas. Deep dish pizza pans aren’t often more expensive than any other type of cooking pan. 

A circular cake pan made of steel with some depth also works phenomenally for deep dish pizzas. If you can find one of these pans with an aluminum coating, this coating makes it much easier to cook your pizza evenly every time, and allows you to remove a deep dish pizza with relative ease. 

Pans that are suitable for cooking deep dish pizza often come in slanted or straight edged styles. For beginners, a slanted pan might make removing the pizza much easier. There are mixed opinions about which style of pan makes removing deep dish pizza an easier process, but a slanted one is worth trying until you get the hang of making deep dish pizzas from beginning to end. 

How To Clean A Deep Dish Pizza Pan 

You will have to clean a deep dish pizza pan differently depending on whether or not you season the pan. If you don’t go through the seasoning process, you can clean the pan as you regularly would any other pan. 

Having the nonstick coating accomplished through seasoning can make a pan easier to clean, as less pizza will stick to the pan. However, you don’t want to use soap to wash your seasoned pan. Instead, use warm water and a soft scrubbing brush. If you do wash a seasoned pan with soap, use a gentle soap, and go through the seasoning process again. 

Try not to scratch any pizza remnants off the pan too aggressively, regardless of whether or not your pan is seasoned. This can end up damaging your pan, and you could impact the way it’s able to cook deep dish pizza in the future. 

Final Thoughts 

When finding the easiest solution for how to remove deep dish pizza from pans, preparing the pan beforehand is one of the most important steps to making it as easy as possible. Additionally, you have to practice a lot of patience to avoid breaking your pizza. 

The technique comes with a little bit of practice, but once you have a handle on the proper technique for removing this special kind of pizza from the pan, it becomes much easier and quicker. This way, you can enjoy a delicious deep dish pizza from home without any hassle.

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