Koda 12 vs 16

Let’s get ready to make some ZA! PizZA, that is. The most important component to making a great tasting pie is having the right equipment with which to cook it. There are many portable pizza ovens on the market but Ooni makes some of the best and most sought-after. Here we’ll display their Koda 12 vs 16 pizza oven models.

We’ll go over all the features, what’s included with each, the pros, and the cons, and an overall comparison. While both are excellent pizza ovens, prospective buyers should know about the slight differences.

Even though we’ll lay out everything each has to offer, you should definitely do your own research. Each oven is excellent in its way, but you want to ensure it will suit your purposes, needs and capabilities.

Koda 12 vs 16

About Ooni Pizza Ovens

Ooni is a very reputable pizza oven brand with worldwide acclaim, serving well over 50 countries. Since 2012 they have only one mission: that everyone is able to enjoy an authentic pizza because they deserve it! Therefore, they engineer their models with love, founded in a deeply rooted desire for fresh baked pizza.

Ooni also wants to empower people and this means having the right equipment that can cook pizza fast. Indeed, all their prototypes reach scorching hot temperatures, complete with baking stone and steel shell to accomplish this. Two of their most popular models are the Koda 12 and Koda 16.

What Is Koda 12?

Koda 12 is Ooni’s award-winning pizza oven with gas as the fuel and a conduction heating method. It’s portable, convenient, easy to use and has a very sleek design. It’s black with a brushed finish comprising coated carbon steel. This means you can have a stone-baked pizza cooked right in the great outdoors or your backyard.

It has an extreme high heat capacity that’s ready to cook pizza in 15 minutes and much higher than a typical oven in the kitchen. When you turn on the oven, the flames roll back and forth. So, it will cook pizza’s evenly and to perfection.

Plus, you don’t have to cook just pizza, you can use the oven for fish, meat or even veggies. However, you will have to use cast-iron accessories to make it happen. Even still, you can cook anything with a crust on the stone like calzones, pastries and so much more.

What’s Included

There are no extra parts required with the Koda 12, except for the fuel tank and pizza peel. You can use it straight out of the box once you hook up the gas. The simple turn dial allows you to ignite the oven and set the temperature. This oven also has a gas regulator and hose that connects to your fuel source.   

All you have to do is wait for about 15 minutes to heat up. Then put in your pizza and you’ll have a tasty, delicious pie in no time. It also has legs that fold, which makes transportation easier and more efficient while protecting the surface it sits on. Inside the oven’s shell is a cordierite baking stone, which is the ideal material for ensuring a delicious pizza. 

Feature Highlights

  • Gas-powered with one dial turn to ignite the oven
  • Reaches temperatures up to 950°F but heats up to 500°F within 15 minutes
  • 1500 watts of power
  • Baking stone comprises cordierite
  • Dimensions are about 24½ inches tall, 15 inches wide and nearly 12 inches deep
  • The whole oven weights just over 20 pounds
  • Sleek design with foldable legs to place anywhere and for easy transport
Cook a pizza in 60 secondsMaintaining a hot stone without burning pizza is difficult
Use it straight out of the box, no assemblyCan be difficult to light at first
Compact, efficient and easy to useOnly ideal for small pizzas
Provides a wonderful flame-cooked flavorIt’s a challenge to move and turn the pizza
Fair price for its size and designRequires the use of a pizza peel

What Is Koda 16?

Ooni’s Koda 16 is yet another outdoor hit. In step with the company’s goal for the sole purpose of producing great pizza, this is portable, uses propane gas and is ideal for the backyard or camping. It’s silver powdered stainless steel, so it looks stylish with its rolling heat conduction.

The shell provides the ultimate in heat retention, which means the stone and the oven stay warm to cook pizza evenly. But, it’s also a great cover since its design and materials lend themselves to weather protection while preventing overheating. It lines with ceramic fiber insulation to achieve this.

As is Ooni’s signature, it has a high heat capacity and can cook a pie in a minute. There is no required assembly, so you can use it right out of the box. But pizzas aren’t the only thing it can handle. With the right broiling pan, you can make a roast, char steaks or create a number of other kinds of dishes or baked goodies.

What’s Included

Aside from the shell being stainless steel, the baking board is cordierite stone. It has legs that fold and comes with their standard safety features: gas regulator and hose for the propane tank. But, it also has convenient storage for extendable matches. This makes lighting the oven a cinch. 

Since it’s on the larger side, it’s easy to shift the pizza around while it’s cooking and to clean afterwards.

Feature Highlights

  • One-turn dial to ignite propane
  • Cordierite baking stone
  • Heats up to 500°F in less than 20 minutes but can go as high as 950°F
  • 1450 watts
  • Dimensions are 25 inches tall by almost 23¼ inches wide and nearly 15 inches deep
  • Total weight of about 40 pounds
  • Sleek and shiny design and materials
  • Ceramic fiber insulation for heat retention and weatherproofing
  • Foldable legs for portability and storage
  • Gas regulator detaches for ease of storage
Highly insulated and keeps things hotThis pizza oven has something of a learning curve
Fabulous customer serviceCan char pizza if you’re not careful with the heat
Comes with low and high heat settingsCumbersome to move and transport
Very easy to use, store and cleanLack of nuanced temperature control
Can cook up to 16 inch pizzasRequires the use of a pizza peel

Overall Comparison: Koda 12 vs 16

Ooni prides itself on making pizza ovens that everyone can use and enjoy with ease. So, when comparing Koda 12 vs 16, it’s a tight race to say which one is better than the other. They share as many similarities as they do differences. As you’ll soon see, the one that’s better will come down to semantics and what you’re needs are.


Both ovens reach 500°F quickly with the ability to get as hot as 950°F. Likewise, they’re both only good for outdoor use and can cook a single pizza in under a minute. Plus, each oven has a look and feel that’s sleek while also providing optimal heat retention.

They also have the same material for the baking stone: cordierite. It’s fire-resistant while also being famous for its ability to retain heat. This translates to a crispy crust with a real stone-cooked flavor.

Shared Downsides

However, they both share a similar pitfall in that there is quite a learning curve in cooking pizza effectively. Indeed, they are easy to use but there is an initial experience of trial-and-error involved. So, don’t expect anything stellar from your first pizza.

It’s important to note that, for both models, you should use the dough recipe that comes with the instructions to understand how it should be prior to experimenting. If the dough is too sticky, you will have problems cooking the pizza in either oven.

Yet another shared downside with both models is that they require the use of a pizza peel. These can be quite expensive since you’ll have to get one that can handle extreme heat. Also, the fuel sources do not come with either pizza oven. You will have to make a separate purchase for these.


Even though both Koda 12 and 16 have vast similarities, there are a few differences to note. These mainly involve size, weight, fuel source and energy requirement, among a few others.


Of course, the main difference between them is the materials they comprise. The shell of the Koda 12 has only brushed and coated steel where as the one on the Koda 16 is stainless steel with ceramic fiber insulation. These two disparate materials operate differently in terms of heat retention and disbursement.

Size ; Weight

But, the Koda 12 is a little small with many users reporting problems turning and moving the pie around. This is true even with a pizza peel. However, it’s nicely compact so it’s good for traveling or use in the backyard. While the Koda 16 is a bit bigger, it’s also a little more cumbersome because of how large and heavy it is.

Fuel Source ; Energy Requirement

Depending on your needs, available space and budget, there’s the marked difference in fuel sources. Petroleum gas is a requirement for the Koda 12 vs 16, which uses propane. What’s remarkable, though, is that the wattage is higher on the Koda 12 vs 16, 1500 and 1450 respectively.

Which Is Better?

Both Koda 12 and 16 are excellent pizza ovens but, if one had to be the crowning pinnacle between the two, it would be the Koda 16. It’s bigger so it can cook larger pizzas along with it being easier to clean and it is a little more sturdy. Plus, it has protection from weather and cooks pizzas fast.

All in all, it seems that the Koda 16 is an improvement to the 12, providing a more even cooking distribution and heat retention with a sound and sturdy design.

Having said that, the Koda 12 is good for those who can’t lift heavy objects over 20 pounds or don’t have a large enough space for the Koda 16. Other than these minute and nuanced differences, either of these pizza ovens offer a great way to eat a piping hot pizza in minutes.

Comparison Chart

The chart below displays and illustrates the similarities and differences mentioned above. This includes previously discussed features, inclusions, look, style, fuel source and other essential information. Hopefully, it will help you make a more informed decision so you purchase the right one.

 Koda 12Koda 16
Dimensions24.4” x 15.5” x 11.7”25” x 23.2” x 14.7”
Weight20 lbs40 lbs
Shell MaterialBrushed and coated carbon steelPowdered stainless steel
Baking Stone MaterialCordieriteCordierite
Maximum TemperatureUp to 950°FUp to 950°F
Time to Preheat15 minutesUp to 20 minutes
Pizza Cooking Time60 seconds60 seconds
Can Cook Other FoodsYesYes
Ease of CleaningNoYes
Ease of UseYesYes
Gas Regulator ; Hose IncludedYesYes
Fuel SourcePetroleum GasPropane Gas
Foldable LegsYesYes
General Consumer Rating4.5 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars


How Do You Know Ooni Is a Good Brand for Pizza Ovens?

Ooni makes pizza ovens and other simialr implements for over 50 countries worldwide. They come highly recommended by professional chefs and homebound culinary artists alike. Plus, they guarantee all their products, offer warranties and make returns easy.

Can You Store Either the Koda 12 or 16 Outside?

It is not advisable to leave either model out in the elements for any extended amount time. You should fold it up and put it away after every use.

Do You Have to Clean the Oven before Storing It?

Before putting the oven away, make sure you clean everything. This is especially true of the baking stone and any other components that met with raw dough, meat and dairy products.

When Should You Put the Pizza Oven Away?

For both of Ooni’s models, put the pizza oven away once it is completely cool to the touch and there’s absolutely no heat emanating from the device. Once you check and clean it for food spillage and splatter, put it away.

Is It Necessary to Read the Instructions?

No matter which pizza oven you choose, it’s always a wise idea to read the instructions fully until you understand them as you do the back of your own hand. Here, they will give you the best and safest suggestions for cleaning, storage, use and how to hook up the fuel source.


Ooni is a great company that makes fantastic outdoor pizza ovens and both their Koda 12 and Koda 16 are exemplary. Both of them heat up to an insane degree in about 15 minutes. This means you’ll have a delicious and crunchy pizza ready to satisfy what you crave, complete with that characteristic cheesy and hot gooiness.

No matter which one you pick, you’ll become the hit of your family and friends. Both ovens are amazing, they work beautifully and are perfect for outdoor use. A pizza oven like this is the perfect accompaniment for any backyard grill or camping excursion. You simply can’t go wrong.

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