Why Does Domino’s Not Have Stuffed Crust?

You’re placing an order at your favorite pizza place when you gasp at your newest discovery- Domino’s doesn’t offer stuffed crust?!  How can it be that you just now found this out?  Do you find yourself wondering about how you’ve been a Domino’s connoisseur for years and have never known this fact?  Maybe you were a victim of pizza disinformation.

Domino’s has offered stuffed crust with varying ingredients in the UK and New Zealand.  Domino’s has never offered stuffed crust within the US as this was first adopted by Pizza Hut due to differences in pizza dough composition.  Instead of offering stuffed crust in the US, customers are served stuffed cheesy bread.

Are you disappointed?  If so, maybe give the stuffed cheesy bread a try as it’s offered in three different forms (traditional, spinach and feta and with bacon and jalapeno).  These stuffed breads are promised to be super tasty by Domino’s and customers themselves.  This article will cover the history of Domino’s stuffed crust, locations it’s offered, substitutes and more.

History Of Domino’s Stuffed Crust

The history of Domino’s and its stuffed crust might be a little confusing for some because of how nuanced it is.  Pizza Hut is actually the first restaurant to start stuffing pizza crust because of their favorable dough recipe they used.  Domino’s was reportedly unable to copy the fad due to varying dough composition and make up.

Interestingly, though, Dominos does offer stuffed crust in the form of crust stuffed with ooey gooey mozzarella cheese.  However, disappointingly to some, this variation on their pies is only available in New Zealand countries within the UK.  New Zealand Domino’s get wild with their crust stuffing options, ranging from cheese to hot dogs.

It’s a fact that Domino’s only offers stuffed crust pizza options to those living outside the US, but there’s a good reason why:  Dominos wants pizza served up to Americans as fresh as possible and stuffed crust requires it be pre-made and frozen for future use.  Because Domino’s prefers US citizens not to have late or non-fresh pizzas, they opted out of this customization.

To overcome the issue of not being able to serve anything stuffed to its beloved customers, US Domino’s establishments opted to offer customers stuffed cheesy breads of three varying types.  This allowed and still allows for Dominos to serve only the freshest pizzas to American customers, thereby keeping their best fans happier and healthier.

Reasons Domino’s Does Not Offer Stuffed Crust At Most Locations

There are few reasons we can speculate on as to why Domino’s never fully took up the art of crafting pizzas made with stuffed crust, such as: 

  • Higher Expense For The Company
  • Storage Issues
  • Company Not Wanting To Be Affiliated With Pizza Hut
  • Unfavorable Dough Composition For Stuffed Crust Making
  • Having to Pre-Make Pizzas (thereby reducing the overall freshness of the pizza)
  • Other Stuffed Options To Offer Customers Besides Crust

To be bold, Domino’s has never quite spoken about the exact reasons as to why US customers are only offered the freshest of ingredients regarding dough while other countries get to partake in stuffed crust options if they so choose to.  These customers know if they opt for this choice the crust will not be as fresh as if they ordered a pizza with just regular or thin crust.

If you consider the reasoning as to why the US isn’t offered stuffed pizza crust from Domino’s while the rest of the world is, it’s a tad baffling.  Wouldn’t the only pizzas that are not made fresh be for those who deliberately decided to substitute stuffed crust cheesy goodness for freshness?  

Whatever the definite reason is for Domino’s saving stuffed crust pizza options for the rest of the world to enjoy and not the US, it is likely a good one.  Domino’s has always strived to meet US customer needs as it has the rest of the world’s, and was sure to offer US-based customers stuffed bread options, as we’ll see next.

Why Does Domino’s Not Have Stuffed Crust?

Substitutions For Domino’s Stuffed Crust Pizzas In The US

As heartbreaking as it may be to most that Domino’s doesn’t offer a stuffed crust pizza option in the US, they do offer three very tasty varieties of stuffed cheesy bread that may be worth considering as a substitute.  Although not exactly a stuffed crust, these options allow customers to still experience the stuffed cheesy goodness Domino’s has to offer.

The three stuffed cheesy breads Domino’s establishments offer in the US are traditional stuffed, stuffed cheesy bread with spinach and feta, and stuffed cheesy bread with bacon and jalapeno.  Each of these flavors offer a satisfying adventure for your taste buds, including the traditional, which Domino’s advises to dip into their garlic or marinara. 

The cheesy bread with spinach and feta is an option for those who enjoy getting their vegetables and fiber while pairing it with a savory Greek cheese that also happens to be a healthier option than most cheeses.  This flavor is said to be good enough to eat without the dipping sauces in accompaniment.      

The final cheesy bread flavor, cheesy bread with jalapeno and bacon, is also said to be amazing without any dipping sauces to go with it.  It is said by many to be the best of the three flavors and packs a great, spicy punch to eaters while simultaneously delivering a meaty twist using bacon.  However, some say the bacon taste and quality could be improved.

The US Demand For Domino’s Stuffed Crust

As great as all the stuffed cheesy bread options are that we just discussed, a lot of people in the US still just want their pizza crusts simply stuffed.  Some feel that it is a bit over the top to not offer stuffed crust options at Domino’s in the US but continue to do so in just about every other country, including Pakistan.

Some Domino’s loving US citizens have gone as far to post to Twitter expressing their frustration with the lack of stuffed crust in their country, tweeting in all capital letters asking why Domino’s doesn’t offer these options in America but they do in other countries, all the while using expletives and many exclamation points.

It can be a bit confusing for some Domino’s customers as to why stuffed crust options aren’t offered in the US because of “dough freshness concerns”, especially when the country has been known to allow hundreds of harmful chemicals to be added to everyday products whilst other countries continue to ban such ingredients.

Nevertheless, never say never- Domino’s may someday decide to offer stuffed crust pizza options to its US-based customers…just not today.  The good news is that with the rising popularity of social media and general internet usage, consumer voices that were once drowned out by think tanks can be bolstered to the front lines to express their wants and needs.


Since stuffed crust is such a favorable option when ordering any type of pizza, it’s only natural to feel saddened by the confirmation that Domino’s indeed doesn’t offer any stuffed crust pizza options in the US.  Whatever the real reason is as to why, at least US-based customers can still enjoy stuffed bread options such as the cheesy breads that Domino’s released in 2011.   

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