Can You Microwave Ellio’s Pizza?

When you are busy or in a rush, or just simply can’t make the time to create a dinner for yourself, what can you do? If you are anything like me, you find your happy place with a slice of microwavable pizza. However, not all pizzas are created equal, which can leave you wondering if your favorite pizza can go in the microwave. The question is, Can you microwave Ellio’s pizza?

Ellio’s pizza is able to be microwaved as long as your microwave is on a high setting and the pizza is placed within before thawing. Cook your Ellio’s pizza at a total of 15 minutes for browning and ensure that the food reaches a temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit before consuming!

In this article, I will go over whether or not Ellio’s pizza is microwavable, as well as a quick guide on how to microwave this delicious food for your safety. I will even give you a few tips to help you get the most out of your experience with this favorite brand!

can you microwave ellios pizza?

A Guide to Microwaving Ellio’s Pizza

If you want to get the absolute best out of your Ellio’s pizza, you need to think about two things: texture and taste! The taste of a frozen pizza like Ellio’s is often well preserved thanks to its frozen nature, but if the ingredients aren’t properly heated, they will not meld together for the best results.

At the same time, if you microwave your Ellio’s pizza for too short a time or it does not cook thoroughly, you will be looking at trying to enjoy a floppy pizza instead of a nice, crispy meal. Let’s go over a step-by-step guide to microwaving Ellio’s Pizza below so you get the most bang for your buck!

1. Decide How You Want Your Pizza – If you are like me, you enjoy a nice crispy crust. However, maybe you prefer a softer bite of delicious cheesy goodness. In either case, you will want to decide whether or not you want it crispy or soft; this will determine how long you set your microwave for!

2. Prepare a Platter – Your microwave may already have a glass turning platter inside, but for cleanup purposes, I found it best to microwave my pizza on a plate of it’s own. A browning plate is even better: it will ensure a nice firm crust!

3. Cut your Pizza – I recommend doing this before you cook your Ellio’s pizza in the microwave. Take a pizza cutter and saw up your frozen pizza until it is divided into 8 or 6 pieces, depending on your preference.

4. Arrange the Pizza on the Plate – Now that your browning plate is ready and your pizza is cut up, you have the option to cook all or only some of the pizza in the microwave! This is useful because your microwave may be too small to heat up your whole pizza all at once, or you might want to leave some frozen for later.

5. Add Toppings – I love Ellio’s pizza, but I also like to add my own personal touch to them. If you would rather stick with the default recipe, no worries! However, I find that this is the time in the process to add a sprinkle of Garlic salt or a bit of chopped onions.

6. Place the Pizza in the Microwave and Cook! – Once your toppings and your pizza slices are placed squarely on a platter, which in turn is settled in the center of your microwave, shut the door firmly and start the cooking. It should cook for at least 15 minutes for a firmer crust, or 12 if you like it soft. Then, remove and enjoy!

Tips For Enjoying Ellio’s Microwaved Pizza

Microwaving your Ellio’s pizza is pretty straightforward, but just in case you love to be a little extra, like me, I’ve arranged a few pro tips below. This should enhance your cooking experience and your dinner at the same time!

· Try a Butter Brush – After you’re done cooking your pizza, brush it with a little melted butter and garlic salt for added flavor!

· Bump up the Temperature – If your Microwave is only set on Medium heat, this could result in a floppy pizza. Try heating it up to High for the crispier, faster-cooking pizza option.

· Grease Your Platter – Another thing that can add crispiness and ease of cleaning to your dinner is greasing the plate that the pizza will rest on, first. This can be done with butter or olive oil.

In Conclusion

To sum it all up, when you want a fast and delicious pizza, you may be wondering: Can you microwave Ellios Pizza? The answer is: yes, as long as your microwave is hot enough and you follow the steps to fit the Ellio’s pizza safely inside, you can heat it and enjoy it!

Microwaving Ellio’s pizza is not only doable by cutting it up before putting it in and cooking for 15 minutes, but it can be enhanced if you’re willing to follow extra tips. These can include butter brushing your pizza or adding your own toppings. Whether you choose to do this or not, rest easy knowing Ellio’s pizza can be heated in the microwave!

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