What to Do After Eating a Whole Pizza

Pizza is one of those foods where we can’t help but indulge ourselves. What starts out with the intention of eating one or two slices can easily turn into downing the entire pie! That cheesy goodness is too delicious, complete with crunchy pepperoni, delectable sausage crumbles and a delightfully crispy crust.We’ll talk about what to do after eating a whole pizza.

First, don’t beat yourself up since this isn’t going to help you, especially if you’re dieting. Then, you want to relax and take a food coma nap if your body is screaming for it. Finally, you want to make sure you ingest the proper foods followed by exercise.

This means you’ll have to devise a plan of action that suits your tastes, preferences and health requirements. The main takeaway here, however, is that you burn off the exact amount of calories that you consumed. But, you don’t want to do this right after gorging yourself on a whole pizza.

What to Do After Eating a Whole Pizza

1. Immediately after Eating a Whole Pizza

The moment you’re done eating a whole pizza, you have to rest. You can lay on the couch, on the grass outside or take a food coma nap in your bed. Be sure to lay on your left side since this will help with the digestion process. Plus, it helps control any sensations of stomach upset or heartburn.

If you have to drink anything, consume ginger ale, nonalcoholic ginger beer, plain water, coconut water or prickly pear juice. Do not drink any kind of soda or alcohol since these won’t help your situation. Although you may think the alcohol is helping to breakdown the food, things like beer or mixed cocktails will tack on calories and pounds.

2. Several Hours Later

Once you no longer feel full with pizza, you want to focus on your digestive system. While you shouldn’t yet engage in an entire workout, you should at least go for a walk or a low-impact bike ride around the block. 

If you’re still not in the mood to do anything active, then consume light foods and beverages (only if you’re hungry). This means drinking ginger ale, nonalcoholic ginger beer, pure fresh ginger tea, green tea, unsweetened cranberry juice or water with fresh lemon in it.

In terms of food, snack on things like yogurt, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, small side salads (with vinegar and oil dressing only), cottage cheese, light soups and etc. Avoid heavy meals at this point if you’re trying to lose weight. This means no gravy, mashed potatoes, baked goodies, hamburgers and etc.

3. The Next Day or Two

Over the next couple of days, you want to watch what you eat and ensure you engage in at least an hour of exercise. Do not overcompensate for your pizza binge by doing more exercise or eating less than you normally would. This will not produce the results you’re looking for and it may even end up with you gaining more weight.

So, conduct yourself as normal but you still want to refrain from greasy spoon and fast foods. Don’t eat processed foods like sliced deli meats, junk snacks or frozen dinners and avoid rich, fatty selections. Make sure you eat whole grains, lean meats and plenty of produce. This means creating a small meal plan where you have a balance of food groups. For example:

Plain Greek YogurtOrganic GranolaBlack Coffee or Unsweetened Cranberry Juice½ Tuna Sandwich (with spinach, celery, onion and dill)Chicken Rice SoupWater with Lemon Wedge or Coconut WaterCucumbersCarrotsZucchiniHummusWaterGrilled Steak Salad (with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, parmesan cheese, croutons, cucumbers, carrots and etc)

4. The Following Week

The next step in what to do after eating a whole pizza is to be mindful of what you do for the entire following week. Watch your portions of everything you eat, count the calories you consume during each meal and ensure you engage in enough total exercise.

Everything you do should counteract the pounds, fat and calories incurred from the pizza. While you don’t have to be overly paranoid or strict about your food and activity, you do want to make a conscious concerted effort to observe yourself. This means you shouldn’t eat another whole pizza or down a supersized fast food meal.

5. Other Tips

While the steps above are specifically for the average person eating a whole pizza, there are some exceptions and caveats here. First of all, avid athletes and workout buffs don’t necessarily need to be as delicate about things. Chances are, these people are already burning vast amounts of calories and energy, even when sitting.

Additionally, eating a whole pizza is ideal for after several hours of strenuous exercise. It has most of the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, salt, fat, and calories lost from the session. So, in this way, you don’t have to take the step-by-step approach.

There’s also a thing called, “the pizza diet.” This is where people literally only eat pizza for every meal of the day and many have reported great success with this. But, they also have a strict exercise and activity regimen to go along with it. You can’t just engage in such a diet without a workout plan that ensures you burn more calories than you consume.


What to do after eating a whole pizza isn’t difficult and you definitely shouldn’t punish yourself for it or overeating. The average person should, however, take it easy after downing the whole pie and take conscious care of the digestive tract. This means resting and refraining from foods high in richness, fat and calories.

But, there are some people who are quite active and are incessant with their workouts. In this case, they don’t have to be so observant since they have probably already burned away most of the calories in the pizza. So, you want to evaluate the pizza in relationship to your average activity and your weight loss goals.

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